The commission process…


An initial meeting to discuss your requirements and design criteria. Consideration needs to be given to the location of the finished piece, whether that may be an internal location or an external location. This relates to the performance characteristics and the weathering qualities of the type of stone and the desired finishes that can be used for that particular situation. How the final piece is to be fixed or whether it will be freestanding also needs to be considered.


Establishing the design criteria or style of the piece. You may already have a design that you wish to recreate which we may need to assess for its ability to carve in stone. If sketch designs are required time needs to be allocated for this part of the process which can take some time depending on what is required. Sizes & type of stone will be established, textures and finishes to be used so that costings can be approximated.


Depending on the extent and intricacies of the design trial pieces will be carved to assess the desired affect whereby an agreement can be reached on the outcomes. 


The stone will need to be sourced and cut to size which can take a number of weeks depending on the size, type, availability and delivery where required.


Upon a clear understanding of the above requirements and the terms of agreement, a deposit of 50% will be required. An approximate timeframe will be given for completion of the commission whereby the final payment will be settled prior to delivery or upon collection.


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